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The University of Utah

Learn how The University of Utah upgrades its entire internal communication structure and is today a pioneer when it comes to centralized digital signage.  

For years, the different departments, schools, and academies under The University of Utah were troubled with decentralized ways of communicating important information to staff as well as to students. It was a very overwhelming task. All had different methods for each area, but when it can to ONE centralized method, that could satisfy so many needs, Jake Sorensen, Director of Sponsorships & Advertisement, knew something had to be done.

As a result, Jake searched for a cloud-based digital signage software that could be used from a management point of view as well as in all individual departments, while still having the option of total customization.  He wanted something that was easily updated, reliable and didn’t cost a fortune.



The university was established in 1850 as the University of Deseret by the General Assembly of the provisional State of Deseret, making it Utah’s oldest institution of higher education. It received its current name in 1892, four years before Utah attained statehood, and moved to its current location in 1900.

There are about 37.000 students and 25.000 staff and teachers which ensembles to around 60.000 people at the institution. Graduate studies include the S.J. Quinney College of Law and the School of Medicine, Utah’s first medical school. It is a member of the Association of American Universities (AAU) and is classified among “R1: Doctoral Universities – Very high research activity”.

22 Rhodes Scholars, 4 Nobel Prize winners, 3 Turing Award winners,8 MacArthur Fellows, various Pulitzer Prize winners, 2 astronauts, Gates Cambridge Scholars, and Churchill Scholars have been affiliated with the university as students, researchers, or faculty members in its history including founders of Nintendo and Pixar.

The University of Utah is very proud of its Research and Innovation, and its tech department/software and digital creations.


Jake experienced a decentralized form of communication throughout Utah University; different campuses used different software and it was not possible to gather and send out centralized information. They could easily have 5-6 different systems at the same time, which made it near to impossible to streamline information, send out joint information, and have the same visual expression throughout the university.

No one had taken on the incomprehensible task of gathering all campuses, buildings, and faculties in one software and helping all campuses execute their messages in an easy way. Everyone whew the task could be massive and time-consuming, but very necessary.

Jake had discovered that a faculty member on campus, was already using Play Digital Signage, Inc. Jake tested it out for himself and decided to reach out to the developing team at Play Digital Signage, Inc. asking for help to create a very custom solution where all needs hopefully could be met.

Jake wanted a system, where he, among many feature requests, could create a main account with multiple sub-teams for each individual department of the University. He wanted a solution, where they could publish their own content and manage their own screens, but still be a part of the main team, where Jake could publish centralized information to all departments at the same time, like emergency alerts and general information.


Lars Normark, CEO of Play Digital Signage, Inc. helped create a unique solution that could fully integrate with their emergency systems. By centralizing everything in Play Digital Signage, Inc., and creating sub-teams within Play, now every screen on campus have the same visual expression, is controlled from the same place, same setup, and all screens are now fully integrated with the emergency system at the university.

By creating individual teams for each building, Play gives each department the option of creating its own content, without everybody being able to see each other’s content. This provides easy structure and easy management for Jake and the rest of his team.

Each department schedules its content and takes away a huge workload for all involved, and at the same time, informs students correctly, and keeps everybody updated at the same time. Jake was also looking for a digital signage system that had an API that actually worked, was easy to set up, and could deliver what was promised. And that was exactly, what Play Digital Signage, Inc. delivered.

It was not a ‘plug and play’ situation to begin with, as their setup is very custom. But Lars, CEO of Play Digital Signage, Inc., and his team of developers made it easy for Jake to get started.


Play Digital Signage, Inc. was chosen based on different important factors:
Easy to use, and specific features like scheduling

  • Incredible backup and help from Lars Normark, CEO of Play Digital • Signage, Inc., and his developing team •
  • Very accommodating and competent help from Lars Normark and all his developers
  • The price – no one can compete with the price, you get so much for your money.
  • Huge feature-base
  • Scheduling
  • API
  • Amazing customer support

A resounding YES!!!!!! Very much


“The scheduling feature works great and it’s very easy to get an overview of what is going on. The team structure and setup we are running are perfect for our university. Setting slides up for auto-deleting after use is super great, a very neat feature!

-Everybody loves it. It’s user-friendly, the interface is super elegant and it works great for all purposes.”


“The support team is always ready to help with whatever situation we have. They are always incredible. Lars, the CEO of Play Digital Signage, Inc. has stepped out of his way and helped evaluate and execute custom setups. Play Digital Signage, Inc., has gone above and beyond. The level of customer service is just amazing.”


How would you describe Play Digital Signage, Inc., our partnership, and our software?

“As a customer of Play Digital Signage, Inc., the University of Utah continuously benefits from the incredible service, support, and implementation of Play on our campus. It is a partnership, not just a purchase relationship, and that is something we truly value.”

Case study participant: Jake Sorensen
Role: Director of Sponsorships & Advertising
Company: The University of Utah