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Reseller application

Please fill out the form to apply for our reseller option.

Terms and conditions

Please read the following clauses very carefully before you submit the application.
  • Non-exclusive - The agreement we offer is non-exclusive, so in theory, the business next to you could also be a reseller of Play Digital Signage.
  • White Label - The agreement does not offer any form of white labeling of Play Digital Signage, Inc. (White labeling is also not something we will add in the future.)
  • Free Screens - Resellers are granted no free screens. We do provide a couple of free screens for testing, but if you need to offer free screens to one of your customers you are responsible for doing so at your own cost.
  • Getting paid - We will invoice you for all screens added to either one account or multiple accounts, you are responsible for invoicing and getting payment from your own customers.
  • Bringing business - As a reseller, you need to be dedicated to bringing business to yourself and us. We expect you to bring at least a couple of screens per month. If you do not bring in a min. of 6 screens in a quarter the agreement is automatically canceled.