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Reseller at Play Digital Signage

Reseller, partner, or joint venture – We offer some great ways for you to become successful.

As a digital signage reseller, you start building relationships with customers around the world. It requires skills and patience, but it also requires you to partner up with the best. Think about what your customers need and be sure to offer them the best solution there is.

As a reseller at Play Digital Signage, we give you access to the best digital signage software on the market. Our pricing model for resellers is great and you should have no problem building a new business or even turning an existing business around together with Play Digital Signage.


How to get started?

How to get started as a reseller at Play Digital Signage

1. Click on the ‘Apply’ button and go to the Reseller application
2. Fill out all the information, answer the questions and carefully read the terms and conditions.
3. Click on ‘Register’


What then?

Once we have received your application, we will review it and either approve it or contact you to have a talk about the next steps.

If approved, then you’ll log in to the site and follow the instruction.

Why digital signage?

Digital signage is a very powerful tool to add to your business. It can be used in countless ways and in all industries, no matter if you want to put up digital signage in your bar, gallery, factory, or university. The possibilities are endless.   As a Play Digital Signage reseller, you can help your customers explore new ways of doing business, new ways of drawing customers to your door. Help your customers, business partners, or maybe next door business to get started today.

Digital Signage can be used in a variety of ways from education, information, and to communicate directly with customers or consumers. By having the possibility to change content on your screen wherever you are in the world and customize your message when needed, you can target and draw in the customers you want. Beautiful pictures, amazing videos, or even entertainment. Digital signage is the key to a new age for your customers.

Digital Signage Blog

Digital Signage Blogpost

Author Lars Normark Holmgaard
Published on June 10, 2021

Businesses thrive by properly reaching their audience. Traditionally, that would have been done through print signage. However, the digital signage industry helps to reach a wider audience of clients. Connecting with your customers may seem hard, but with resellers, it might make it easier to connect to customers using digital signage and without you having to be a wizard in graphical design.

Digital signage resellers help clients create digital content, plan and deploy digital signage solutions in general, finding hardware that matches their needs, and much more. This article explains everything you need to know about digital signage resellers and how a reseller can become a part of this blossoming industry. Now is the perfect time to join the train!

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Author Lars Normark Holmgaard
Published on Sep. 6, 2021

The business world is always changing which requires companies to keep up to be successful. Even more importantly, businesses must always be looking to increase profits to continue growth. Digital advertising software addresses both of these points. Digital advertising software allows companies to rapidly adapt to their surroundings due to its connectivity and can increase profits.

5 Ways Digital Advertising Can Increase Profits
Here are the top five ways digital advertising software helps make your business more profitable…

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